Ann Hince

Professional Speaker, Author & Spiritual Teacher.

Ann can show the way…

From Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace.

In the process, as dis-ease is released, our bodies can move more into alignment.

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Unlocking the Power Within: Ann Hince

Is Your Way In Your Way? Using Acceptance to Unleash Your Superpower

Ann Hince A Pathway to Insight

Ann Hince Tap Away the Trauma

Emotional Release Results in Physical Changes

Anyone can develop this ability to release tension deep in the connective tissue. These changes (some of which are: aligning of eye sockets, centering of jaw, straightening of neck, growth of front lower tooth roots, growing 1/2 an inch) are a result of this release of deeply held tension.

Ann’s book A Pathway to Insight details the steps Ann took.

Ann Hince X-ray - 2013-2021
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The Book

Have you ever wanted to understand the Law of Attraction? Really understand it? A Pathway to Insight will explain it to you as only an engineer can – in a logical way.


Book Ann to speak at your next event. Topics include:

  • A Pathway to Insight – from Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Feeling Our Feelings for Deep Stress Relief