Ann Hince

Professional Speaker, Author & Spiritual Teacher.

Ann can show the way…

From Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace.

In the process, as dis-ease is released, our bodies can move more into alignment.

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Healing Trauma and Transforming Lives: Ann Hince on EFT, Self-Awareness, Manifestation

Ann Hince – Healing your Mind & Body Through Self-Awareness

Ann Hince | Masters of our Minds

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Emotional Release Results in Physical Changes

Anyone can develop this ability to release tension deep in the connective tissue. These changes (some of which are: aligning of eye sockets, centering of jaw, straightening of neck, growth of front lower tooth roots, growing 1/2 an inch) are a result of this release of deeply held tension.

Ann’s book A Pathway to Insight details the steps Ann took.

Ann Hince X-ray - 2013-2021
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The Book

Have you ever wanted to understand the Law of Attraction? Really understand it? A Pathway to Insight will explain it to you as only an engineer can – in a logical way.


Book Ann to speak at your next event. Topics include:

  • A Pathway to Insight – from Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Feeling Our Feelings for Deep Stress Relief