Every second of every day we are emitting a signal to the universe that says “This is the way I am feeling now, please give me more reasons to feel this way”. To change what we are getting, we need to change the signal we are emitting. But how do we do that if the signal we are emitting is based on our whole history, not just on our current thoughts?

Beneath our current thoughts, the amount of emotional and physical tension we hold in our bodies from our past history is truly mind-blowing. Luckily for us it is mostly sub-conscious. But what do we do if we truly want to access this stored tension and release it? Because in releasing it, we not only feel better, but emit a different signal and so attract different circumstances? This book will lead you gently through the path of removing the emotions around your history, and beyond that to removing tension physically held in the body.

In doing so, your physical vibration will rise to the point that positive thoughts just occur to you, naturally.

Alternative titles for this book could be…

  • Understand the Law of Attraction like never before
  • Learn how to play and enjoy the game of life
  • Activate your sixth chakra, your inner eye
  • Change your signal… Change your life
  • Let go of your past and return to peace
  • I really created all this?

Once you truly understand the Law of Attraction, Ann will take you on a journey of unwinding the past so that you can really attract what the universe knows you want. In the process, you will unlock the power of your inner eye, or sixth chakra, with the ability to see within yourself, just as the ancient Egyptian gods did.