In Conversation With Ann

What is it like having an open Inner Eye?
It’s really about awareness of how you feel. An expansion of that awareness. As I talk to you I am aware of the tension within the fascia within my skull and my neck. If I scan my consciousness down my body I can become aware of any tension deep inside and can move my awareness around inside my body. It truly astounds me how much tension we hold within our bodies that we are not aware of. I also have a deeper awareness of emotional bonds between people and events, which is simply an outward awareness of the inner awareness of tension. The saying “as within, so without” is very clear to me. I can mentally stand back from emotional events, see them play out around me, but know they are simply people attracting and reacting to similar events that played out in their past. If I get caught up in an emotional event, then I know I have not yet cleared that from my vibration, and I still have work to do (once I have removed the emotional bonds inside, then I will not get caught up in the emotional bonds outside). On a physical level, there is somewhat of a burning sensation over the 6th chakra, between the eyebrows. It is a fairly mild sensation which I can tune into or not.

What about all those books and websites showing different exercises to open the third eye?
Another term for fascia is connective tissue. It runs throughout our whole body, covering every organ, muscle, bone, neuron, and connects all these parts together. From what I have read most of these exercises have you focus your attention around the pineal gland (the center of the skull), or the third eye spot between the eyebrows. While doing this may release tension in the fascia around those areas (and unless you are able to access the inside of your skull, the spot between the eyebrows is the one most accessible to the majority of people), it still leaves the tension in the fascia in the remainder of the body. From my experience, releasing the tension from the fascia throughout the body results in the opening of the third eye – it is a consequence of this work rather than a goal in itself.

You make it sound as though you think the inner or third eye is a physical structure, is that true?
Yes, I do think it is a physical structure. Science has discovered that the pineal gland has light-sensing capacities, so that may well be the inner eye. Now that I can sense within my skull, and have been releasing resistance in there for a while, I can tell that I am sensing from somewhere within the center of the skull, behind the nasal passage, above and behind the palate, and in front of the back-skull bones. However, at this point, I cannot differentiate any further. In fact, when scanning the body, I cannot differentiate organs. I can tell when I am releasing fascial tension from within bone because it feels so much tighter as it releases, but I cannot differentiate between what must be the inside of an organ (based on location), and outside an organ.

Do you meditate?
No, but if someone saw me doing my release work, they might think I was meditating. In fact, I am quite busy inside, finding areas of tension, putting my focused awareness on them, and allowing the tension to release. I am not thinking, but I am feeling. I am not in my mind, which is quiet, but I am in my body. My theory on meditation is that it is beneficial in that it calms the mind while in the meditation, and that changes the signal in that moment, thus attracting calmer events. However, it doesn’t provide deep structural changes to the signal, like the steps in this book do, so as soon as you start thinking again, you have the same base signal that you had before: not much has changed. I have heard people who have been meditating for 20 years talk about how busy their minds are still. My mind quieted within a year of using EFT on my past.

Why is tapping on words so important?
The more inner work I do with people, the more I realize how important words are. Every time you use a particular word, you subconsciously re-activate all previous memories and associations of that word. So every time you call your spouse Mom, or Dad on behalf of your children, you are re-activing thoughts around your Mom or Dad. Did you like your Mom or Dad? If not, then calling your spouse that name is not going to be the best for your long term relationship. Even simple words like “no” and “wait” can have huge emotional baggage around them that you can re-activate on a daily basis, without being aware that you are doing it. Removing the charge around words can make a huge difference to the signal we emit throughout the day.

You have a feeling for the word façade – can you put in into words for us?
A general definition of façade is a false appearance or way of being that masks the true person. With my inner work I can put my consciousness inside and behind the tension within the fascial fabric of my face, and actually experience the mask (which I am actively working to dissolve).  This is how I believe we create our façade: every time we are not true to ourselves and our feelings, whenever we are “trying” to put on a “brave face” or “happy face” or “sorry face”, and that is not the way we really feel inside, then there is conflict within us that is stored physically within the fascia of the facial muscles. Do this enough times and the fascia gets distorted and becomes our façade. Learning to be true to yourself and your feelings prevents the façade from getting stronger. Doing this inner work can reverse and dissolve the façade altogether.

This book is about deep spiritual work. What do people need to have in order to do this work?
Once you really understand that we are putting out a signal every moment of every day and what you are getting in life is a result of that signal you are emitting, then you start to realize that the only way to change what you are getting is to emit a different signal. To do that you have to force yourself to do something different – because it is so easy just to do the same thing again, and get the same results again. So you need the will to make a change – the gut strength and determination that says “Yes, I want that and I am willing to do what it takes to master my signal”. When you know you have the will, then you need the willingness to become aware of your thoughts and your feelings, and the willingness to do the work to neutralize the charge from your past.

How would you describe your teaching in one sentence? 
Relax, as deeply as you possibly can (obviously not initially while driving or using heavy equipment – but eventually once you get to Step 4 you will be able to do this anywhere), and relax even beyond that, at all times. With a relaxed body and mind, well-being flows in.

Does everyone like this work? 
No, definitely not. It removes all blame. If you are wanting to blame an event or person from the past, it simply means you haven’t released the emotional bonds you have to that event or person, and you are using it as your excuse to not feel good. You cannot do this work and remain a victim at the same time. You have to take full responsibility for your past and your present, then you can learn how to create a different future.

Is this easy or hard work?
Some of it is relatively easy, some of it is the hardest thing you will ever have done. But the rewards are worth it. You will be digging up all your history, examining it, fully experiencing it, and letting it go. As Abraham says, once you start the process you can’t go back. You become a different person every time you release resistance, because you are now giving off a different signal. I have found that the further I go, the faster I release resistance. I probably release 100 times the amount of resistance today that I did two years ago.

Will the resistance ever end? 
Yes, I think so. I am reversing scoliosis that I have had since childhood so I may have more work to do than most, who knows? But I know the inner tension is easing, my body is re-aligning, and the release of deeply held tension feels oh so good.

Do you have a spiritual or religious background?
As a child attending boarding school in England I had to attend a church service every Sunday, but they had no relevance in my life, they seemed like a complete waste of time and turned me away from religion of any form. Then I became an engineer, loving logic and scientific explanations – as such I had no interest in spirituality, although I recall being intrigued by the idea that there were other aspects to life that I had yet to discover. Now that I have been doing what I call my “release work” for many years, I have become more intrigued by the meaning behind scripture and the architecture of religious buildings. For example, the second commandment states: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”. If we know that thoughts and images we hold in our minds become our reality, would it not be beneficial for us to maintain beautiful images in our mind? Perhaps the Bible is discussing internal concepts more than is accepted in our current day Christ based religions.

What do you consider is the difference between religion and spirituality?
While I certainly see some overlap, in general, I consider religion to be about doing something outside of ourselves while spirituality is doing something inside ourselves, so that the outside changes. For example, take a charged subject like abortion. Religious friends are adamantly against abortion and will vote for politicians who agree with them. They feel the anger, frustration, irritation, and disgust inside of themselves, and use that to promote change on the outside. The spiritual equivalent would be to notice all those feelings, acknowledge them, and allow them to dissipate. The emotional charge is then gone, and the subject of abortion is seen differently.

Explain more fully what well-being means to you?
There are two aspects to this, as with everything really. The inner and the outer. The inner well-being feels like a deep relaxation along with an almost electrical buzzing sensation. That’s my current experience and I expect it may well change as I move on. I don’t feel it all day, but I can when I tune into it. The outer comes in many forms – understanding, clarity, knowing, mental and physical flexibility, awareness. And seemingly magical synchronicities. A friend leaving the house talking about buying something from a particular website, then two hours later my son saying he needs to buy something from that same website (and one we have never ordered from before). Preparing to text a question to my other son who responds to the question before I even send off my text. Never having received any mail whatsoever from a company in 17 years, and a piece of mail arriving at exactly the time the workman for that company is in our driveway. Checking my phone and it’s 3:33pm, then checking again and it’s 4:44pm, then checking again and it’s 5:55pm, all on the same day. Crazy fun things like those that make life feel magical.

What is the outcome of this work?
Anyone undertaking this work is making their soul more comfortable in their body. When a soul is comfortable, free, and relaxed, it is more likely to hang around in this body.