I am just like many other people. Just like you perhaps? I had a childhood with plenty of trauma and dysfunction. I had PTSD into my 30s, the result of two alcoholic parents. I became a software engineer because it was so comforting to know that logic could work in part of my life, even though it never seemed to work in my chaotic life as a child. In my 30s and 40s I was afforded the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom to my two boys. Realizing how traumatized I still was when my boys were young, I set out to become the calm mom I wanted to be. I changed. Things changed. Life changed. I had no idea where I was heading, I just continued to do “my release work” which is what I called it. Nothing felt better, so why not?

And here I am years later, the calm mom I wanted to be (well, most of the time), with powerful brainwaves (see below), with others feeling calm around me, with seemingly magical events happening daily, and with the ability to sense and release tension deep within my body.

My goal is to reach those people who really want inner change, inner peace, those who have the desire and will to do the inner work. There are many who do not want to look inside, but if you are someone who does, who really wants change, then it is my pleasure to show you the path.

(There is more detail of my history below the brain wave section if that did not satisfy you)

In January 2019 I had an EEG of my brain taken (an EEG measures brain waves). Since I seem to have developed some interesting abilities (see my book or listen to my talks for details), I thought it would be interesting to see what my brain waves looked like – that at least might give me some direct evidence that the steps I discuss in my book and talks have a real tangible effect on the body.

I have been told that there is no “average” or “normal” brainwave pattern, so I looked for the “best” (averaged over time) brainwaves I could find on the internet, as a comparison – those that have a description along with them to show they are unusually good. Ideally I would have had an EEG ten years ago so I could evaluate my own path, but I did not. To find out more about getting an EEG done, click here.

This first average brain wave graph is from a Reiki master healer, taken from a study performed by Judith Pennington (an internationally published journalist, author, singer, and world authority on EEG and the Awakened Mind):

Reiki Master

Of this study Judith says: “What startled me—even though it was logically foreseeable—was clear proof that [this healer]’s gamma amplitudes had increased and stabilized since our first study. His daily meditations had amplified his theta waves, and his healing work had amplified his gamma frequencies in a clear case of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.” [2]

Now here is a graph of my average EEG graph side-by-side with the Reiki master, with his narrowed so that both are on the same amplitude scale:

Ann and Reiki EEG

At this point you might be wondering what the amplitude of the brainwaves means. The amplitude is the power of the electrical impulse, measured in microvolts. “Researchers have shown that an increase in the strength of brain waves, whether from the awakened and evolved mind patterns or gamma waves, increases the output of energy from the fingers and this energy ripples into infinity, with the consequence of healing the world. While this is a precious service to humanity, equally magnificent is the ability of energy work to heal and evolve the healer’s brain waves and consciousness as much if not more than the person being healed.“ [3]

The second healer is a Healing Touch practitioner. Of this practitioner, Judith says: “[This healer]’s gamma amplitudes are unprecedented among healers studied on the Mind Mirror.” [4]

Now here is a graph of my average EEG graph side-by-side with this practitioner’s, with his narrowed so that both are on the same amplitude scale:

Ann and Healing Touch EEG

The high amplitude of my Alpha brain waves at 10.5Hz is called an Alpha Bridge – it enables me to access my subconscious mind from my conscious mind – what I talk about as expanding awareness in my talks and my book.

Of interest though are the high frequency gamma brainwaves. We hear the term “raise your vibration” etc., but what does it actually mean? Well take a look at what Judith says about gamma brainwaves here:

“[G]amma waves are associated with peaceful transcendence, mystical union, hyper-intuition and whole-brain synchrony, meaning that the brain is operating synchronously across regions and frequencies. Gamma waves are also desirable for their ability to form new brain cells in the intellectual and creative centers of the brain. They also rewire neural circuitry toward more positive feelings and states of consciousness.” [4]

“It’s as if the person producing gamma is a radio set whose dial suddenly turns to higher-frequency stations not available before.” [3]

However, in the same report Judith says: “Studies conducted by several different researchers show that people produce gamma in three instances, all during deep meditation states: as the result of attentional focus (possibly on mantras), unity consciousness, and loving compassion.” [3]

Just to be clear – I do not meditate and do not advocate meditation as a fast means of growth. It might seem to others that I am meditating, but I am very busy when I close my eyes. I like to make use of my time so when I have my eyes closed I am searching around for tension and using my developed focused awareness (which may be what is referred to as “attentional focus” in the previous paragraph) to release physical resistance (this is step 3 and 4 in my book), thereby changing my vibrational signal, and attracting different results. While meditation is a good way of centering and calming in the moment, as soon as most people stop meditating, they are back to their previous state. I wanted real growth, fast growth, observable growth. Donna Bach, who helped perform my EEG noted that I had gamma brainwaves even while having a conversation at the end of my session, before the EEG electrodes had been removed. My gamma waves are not a result of meditation (because I don’t meditate, so they can’t be), but are a consequence of doing the release work (EFT being the first step), just as opening of the 6th chakra is a consequence of the release work and not a goal unto itself.

My hope in showing you these graphs is that you will realize it is possible for you too to develop brain waves like this, and stimulate you to take up the work to create inner peace. If someone really took this work up, I would imagine they could change their life substantially in a year, and easily get to these higher states of consciousness in a decade.

If the above wasn’t enough to satisfy you, here is some more of my history…

Conceived in New Zealand to British parents, I was given up for adoption to British parents back in England. By the time I was 16 I had lived in Barbados, Sierra Leone (West Africa), Hong Kong (Asia) and Bahrain (Middle East). I met my birth mother, who lives in New Zealand, when I was 17, and my adoptive mother died when I was 19. At 21 I moved to California. I have dual UK and US citizenship.

After attending an American junior school in Hong Kong, I was sent to boarding school in England at the age of 9. It was a boy’s boarding school. I was the first girl boarder (there were girl day students so I wasn’t the only girl during the school day), and my bedroom for the first year was a room in sick bay. After two years there, traveling back and forth to Hong Kong on vacation, I attended an all-girl boarding school until the age of 17 (staying in the UK or traveling to Bahrain on vacations), before attending Brunel University, attaining a BSc in Computer Science.

In my twenties and early thirties I worked as a software engineer and project manager in Silicon Valley, California, before raising my two boys, along with all that that entailed.

A two-time president of different Toastmasters clubs, I have been giving talks and teaching classes on many subjects for over two decades, now I realize, all in preparation for this.

I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California, with my engineer husband, our teenage son, and two dogs, Dobby and Winky (our older son is off living life).

Ann Hince
January 2022

The software used for the EEG was the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6.0 software.

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[4] Report on Hands-on Healing Session with Healer Fred Rible and Recipient Felice DuBois. March 2018.