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About Speaking

How long have you been a public speaker?

I was an active part of Scotts Valley Toastmasters club over 20 years ago, where I was president for a term and also won the coveted Area Toastmaster of the Year award. Even before that I was teaching classes locally and have taught on such varied topics as juicing, live foods, cultured foods, portraiture, and chicken butchering, with the last 6 years or so focusing on this path of EFT and Insight.

Why don’t you talk more about insight in your EFT workshops?

Because it’s weird. With much of this inner work you need to move forward before you can look back to how you were before, so that you can see the changes you have made. Ten years ago I did not know that the phrases I would say to myself (“that was a stupid thing to do”, “don’t be daft”, etc.), where phrases my Dad had said to me. They just seemed like me talking to me. It wasn’t until I had removed the charge around my past that those phrases weren’t there anymore, my mind was quiet. Only then could I look back and say “wow, that was my Dad and he no longer lives in my mind like he used to”. So if I give too much deep information before people have experienced this for themselves, they have no way to relate to insight and understand that they can get there themselves.

About A Pathway To Insight – the book

When will your book be available?

First I need to create a platform, then I can attract an agent, then the agent will submit it to publishers, then it will be many months. The best way you can help me is to like and follow my Facebook page.

What is in your book that is not covered in your talks?

More detail of course. But the first part of my book is about the Law of Attraction – your signal and how it affects your life. I cover this in my “Law of Attraction – as you have never heard it before” talk. The second part of the book is about the 4 steps to attaining Insight. My talk “A Pathway to Insight – how to wake up from the matrix” discusses these four steps in a general way. The biggest part missing from this talk is the description of the things that might happen along the way. My talk “Insight – The Mystical Third Eye” is actually beyond the book and overlaps into what I hope will become my second book.

About Insight – the subject of Ann’s teaching

How much time would you suggest each person works on themselves?

That’s a very individual question – it depends how much you want change, and how fast. Fifteen minutes a day is a good starting place, and I find an hour and half is about the most anyone can take, especially to start, as it can be very tiring.

How many times a week is recommended?

Again that is an individual question – I would aim for every day, but be okay if you have to miss a day here or there. If I was retired or on vacation and wanted to make real change, I would spend a few hours on it a day, but that’s just the way I do things.

How long will it take to attain insight?

That depends on where you are starting from, how much desire you have, and how much time you put into it. Having said that, I believe if someone was really committed they could make huge shifts in their life in a year, and could attain high levels of consciousness within a decade.

How long will it take to attain inner peace?

Again that depends on where you are starting from, how much desire you have, and how much time you put into it. And it is an ongoing process – you clear out things that bother you now, and uncover deeper things that bothered you from your past. You then release the charge around those. As you move along though you become more aware of what is happening and can address what arises faster.

Why does the length of time it takes depend on where I am starting from?

Because it is based on your starting signal. This is what I talk about in the Law of Attraction talk. Someone with more physical symmetry, perfect posture, and fewer traumatic events in their history will be able to get there faster – but at the same time they may have less desire to do so.

How do you know that the Law of Attraction really exists?

Because as you do this work it becomes more and more obvious. Your awareness increases. One minute my son might be telling me about a TV that rolls down into a box, and a few hours later he is telling his Dad about a truck with a back window that slides down. Well if you are not aware, those are two independent conversations; you have so much other stuff going on in your mind that the awareness cannot get through. As you clear out your past and your mind quiets, your awareness increases so that during the second conversation a flash from the first conversation comes into your mind and you realize the second came about because of the first. If you have someone in your life that you do not like, you come to realize that they are a replay of someone similar earlier in your life; you attracted them so you could dig out that old memory and release the charge. It’s an awareness, a “knowing”, that develops as you do this inner work.

What is Insight?

My definition is this: Insight is the ability to see within the body – literally “inward-sight”. Once the defenses of the body have been removed sufficiently, awareness can move from outside the body, to within the body, at which point insight is achieved.

Is Insight the same as visualization?

Visualization is mind work. Insight is body work. It’s like the difference between imagining a hand, and feeling your hand. I am not visualizing or imagining where my awareness is in my body, I am feeling where my awareness is – I can feel fascia move beneath my awareness, and can hear it when it dissolves.

Tell me one magical thing that happened to you?

Sure! I have some fun stories. We had an old Sub-Zero refrigerator that was in our house when we had bought it 17 years prior. In that whole time we had never once had a piece of advertising from Sub-Zero. Well our freezer stopped working so we had it replaced with another one. While the workman was here at our house installing the new fridge, I came home and collected the mail, and there was an advertisement for Sub Zero! That was a year ago. We had none in the 17 years prior, and none since. It was crazy fun, blew my mind. Love it when those things happen! And they happen more and more often as you release more and more tension.

In the past 5 years what has changed the most for you using EFT?

If I had to pick one thing it would probably be that I am not reactionary like I used to be. When you react to something (look at the word: re-act), you are putting out a strong signal similar to one you put out the last time you re-acted, which re-creates a similar event again, keeping the cycle going. When you stop reacting, life changes.

Is this religion? Why the cross?

The short answer is “no”, and because the cross has been used for millennia as a symbol of inner wisdom.

The longer answer: I have come to see religion as an outer portrayal of what should happen inside of us. The clues offered by the architecture of churches and temples, and by religious texts are immense, but it takes awareness to see them for what they are. The steps I discuss in my book and talks allows for that awareness to develop, and when it does, you will see what I see, and feel what I feel.