Ann loves to share her pathway to insight with those who are interested in the journey from inner turmoil to inner peace.

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A Pathway to Insight – From Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace

This is a 45 minute talk (for a 1 hour time slot). Ann weaves her story and the wisdom gained from her path into a compelling tale of personal growth – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual growth. In fact, Ann will make it abundantly clear how all those aspects of being human are connected to each other.

This audience would be interested in soothing a busy mind, personal growth, self-help, or spiritual understanding.

This talk will inspire the listener to realize the depth of life available to them and to take the first step on their journey to freedom.

This talk can be expanded to include some of the concepts listed below:

Insight – the mystical Third Eye

Ann will explain how the outward physical evidence of an open third eye is depicted in society, both modern and ancient, what having an open third eye means, what it enables someone to do, and how to go about opening yours.

This talk will involve some higher-level thinking and an openness to examine concepts that are difficult to understand if you have not experienced them yourself. Consequently, this talk would be aimed at an audience with a keen interest in spirituality, occult, or ancient Egypt.

This talk will open the listener’s mind to the possibility that acquiring insight, opening the Third Eye, or 6th Chakra, is still possible in this day and age, and that indeed they too could achieve it.

Law of Attraction – as you have never heard it before

Ann explains that the Law of Attraction is based on more than simply your thoughts, but is based on your whole body vibration. Ann likens our human body to a guitar and explains the make-up of our whole vibration and why we need to make deep changes in order to change our vibration, and hence what we attract into our lives. You will not have heard this explanation from anyone else before, but it will allow the Law of Attraction to finally make sense.

This audience would be interested in personal growth, self-help, or spiritual understanding.

This talk will provide relief for those who have read or watched the Secret, or listened to teachers such as Abraham Hicks, but have not been able to change their lives. It will inspire them to use modern energy psychology techniques such as EFT/tapping to release deeply held tension, and thereby really change their lives.


Emotional Freedom

This workshop is an expansion of the first step Ann talks about in her Keynote speech.

Emotional Freedom is attained by letting go of the energy we have stored inside ourselves over our lifetime. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the technique Ann used to propel her along the path to Insight, to quiet her busy mind, and to expand her awareness from words, to emotions, to the physical sensations underneath the emotions. We will learn EFT – the technique, key points, how to know it is working – and we will use it on ourselves.

This workshop is excellent for anyone starting out on their journey and anyone not yet able to sense the physical sensations underneath their emotions.

Feeling Our Feelings For Deep Stress Relief

This workshop is an expansion of the second step Ann talks about in her Keynote speech:

Once we are aware of the physical sensations underneath our emotions (for example, the tension we feel in our body when we feel fear), then we can utilize this awareness. We will learn and practice the technique that Ann calls Feeling Our Feelings, and will learn how to blow through tension.

This workshop is for those who can sense the physical sensations in their body when they are feeling an emotion. Empaths generally fall into this category.

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