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Law of Attraction

Sol y Breath Wellness Center 14709 Mono Way, Sonora, CA, United States

The Law of Attraction - As you have never heard it before. Ann explains that the Law of Attraction is based on more than simply your thoughts, but is based on your whole body vibration. Ann likens our human body to a guitar and explains the make-up of our whole vibration, and why we need...


A Pathway To Insight

Sol y Breath Wellness Center 14709 Mono Way, Sonora, CA, United States

Learn how we tie ourselves into the matrix in our childhood, what it means to wake up, how you know you are waking up, and the progression through the steps as you wake up. This will inspire you to realize your potential, to know that you too could achieve insight relatively quickly, and to take...


Insight – the mystical Third Eye

Sol y Breath Wellness Center 14709 Mono Way, Sonora, CA, United States

Ann will explain how the outward physical evidence of an open third eye is depicted in society, both modern and ancient, what having an open third eye means, what it enables someone to do, and how to go about opening yours. This talk will involve some higher level thinking and an openness to examine concepts...


Ready to Wake Up?

Runamuck Ranch, Pine Grove. Pine Grove, California

Learn tapping/EFT to release stress, emotions, pain, trauma, etc. Full workshop covering both of Ann's training sessions. Learn the theory behind EFT - how and why we store emotions and how to remove them. Learn how to use EFT on simple issues, pain, and traumatic events. Learn how to use EFT on yourself, children, and...


Know Thyself

The Healing Collective 14888 Peaceful Valley Rd, Sonora, CA, United States

What is awareness? How aware are you? Do you know?  Find out your current level of awareness and learn techniques to expand your awareness – and in the process, become more peaceful inside.  Join Ann Hince, author of A Pathway to Insight on this one-day experiential seminar. Ann has been interviewed on over 300 podcasts...


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